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OMNIMaxApp+ is a set of apps designed to let you interoperate with IBM Maximo with any mobile device, anywhere

Such apps allow to manage the typical Maximo data and processes [ Asset, Location, WO, SR, Audit/Inspections and Inventory] and their design has been guided by the following key principles:

  • IBM licensing rules adherence

  • Compliance with architectural and security standards

  • Signature Security natively integrated with Maximo

  • Native Maximo data model leverage

  • Full Workflow integration

  • Adaptability

  • Technological and UX standard adherence

  • Full use of the device's technologies

  • On-line & off-line support


Sergio Magone
Product Owner

Luca Lucarini
 Tech Lead

Giovanni Ascione
 Senior Developer

Michelangelo Frillici
 Senior Developer







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